Connect and contact

Baja Snake invite you to connect with them directly via Facebook. It’s a great way to talk with the band and get the latest Baja Snake music, images, and insights.

Please direct booking inquiries to Booking [at} BajaSnake *dot* com. Baja Snake also accepts booking inquiries via Facebook.

General email inquiries and conversation are always welcome at Music {at] Baja Snake *dot* com.

If you have photos, video, or sound recordings of Baja Snake in performance that you’d like to share with the band, please do get in touch.

Connect with Baja Snake on Soundcloud : Baja Snake’s Soundcloud

Enjoy Baja Snake on Reverbnation : Baja Snake’s Reverbnation page

Most importantly : if you see BT and Nicholas when you’re out and about, come say hello. As great as online communication tools can be, nothing beats the warmth of an in-person connection.