Video of Baja Snake performing new song “Dome of Night” at Space 55

We are very pleased to present to you this amazing video of Baja Snake performing our new tune “Dome of Night” from June 15th’s ’7 Minutes’ show at Space 55! Thanks to everybody who came out to watch and listen, thanks to all the other performers and Space 55 staff, and especially to the fabulous Glen Goldblatt for this remarkable quality video!

Baja Snake chills out a packed house with painter Tony Deschiney

Baja Snake and Tony Deschiney live at Lawn Gnome Publishing

^ Here’s a great photo by Boyd Coleman of Baja Snake playing live to a packed, er, lawn at Lawn Gnome Publishing’s outdoor stage last night, featuring the amazing live-painting of Tony Deschiney!

Here’s what Deschiney’s piece looked like at the end of the 45-minute set. It now hangs in Nicholas’ home.

Tony Deschiney painting from Baja Snake performance at Lawn Gnome Publishing

Many and heartfelt thanks to all the great people who came out to make this event such an astounding success! Special thanks to our friends Jeff and Glenn for documenting the performance. Expect audio and video from this show soon!

New Baja Snake video music series : “Meditations”

Here’s the first installment of a brand-new Baja Snake video music series : “Meditiations”

In “Meditations,” we relax, clear our minds, and let the music guide us into ever-changing harmonic and rhythmic climates.

In addition to debuting new Baja Snake music, this series gives you a real window into our creative process and musical world. We sincerely hope you enjoy!